June 24, 2024


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Modern Makeovers for Your Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinet makeovers, homeowners in Tampa are embracing exciting and innovative trends to elevate their living spaces. From bold and vibrant colors to eco-friendly materials to mixed textures and smart cabinetry, there are a variety of ways to incorporate these modern design concepts into your home’s cooking space. By partnering with Espresso Finishes for efficient and cost-effective cabinet renovation services in Tampa, you can transform your home into an on-trend living space that’s sure to impress.

Gleaming white and light gray cabinets have been popular among renovating homeowners for their clean aesthetic, but the latest kitchen color trends are shifting toward a warmer mood. Soft whites, off-whites and greige tones add an inviting warmth to kitchen designs that work well with a variety of other color choices.

For those who prefer a more minimal style, integrating a few open shelves into your kitchen cabinet design is an excellent way to streamline storage while adding a visual pop of color. Another budget-friendly cabinet upgrade is replacing select cabinet doors with glass fronts. This option gives you the opportunity to showcase stylish dishware and glassware while keeping your cabinets organized. Frosted or textured glass options are also available for a more unique and stylish look at a lower cost than solid-front doors.

Using color to define your kitchen’s style is becoming more popular in Birmingham, as homeowners increasingly use their cabinets as canvasses for artistic expression. Painted cabinets in shades of blue, green and yellow are a common choice for adding bursts of color that bring life to your kitchen. When used with neutral colored countertops and backsplashes, these bold cabinets create a striking contrast that makes your cooking space stand out.

Many homeowners choose to replace their entire cabinetry during a kitchen remodel, and this is often the most costly option. However, if your cabinets are in good condition and you’d like to refresh their appearance, simply replacing the cabinet door fronts is a cost-effective alternative. Cabinet door replacements are available in a range of styles, and can be customized with frosted or textured glass for an added visual element.

National and local experts say that renovating homeowners in Tampa are moving away from darker countertop hues in favor of lighter shades, which work well with the warm wood tones of reemerging kitchen cabinet trends. Additionally, more homeowners are opting to install quartz countertops in their kitchens rather than granite, due to the former’s durability and antimicrobial qualities.

The top cabinet upgrades in 2024 include refinishing, refacing and adding cabinets, with refacing being the most popular option at 69%. In addition, a growing number of homeowners are selecting the farmhouse-inspired Farmhouse Modern style for their bathroom cabinet renovation projects. Those who are utilizing this design trend can expect to see rustic detailing and natural colors paired with smooth high-gloss finishes. For an even more eye-catching transformation, consider adding a new paint color to your existing cabinetry. Whether you choose to go with a full-scale kitchen remodel or a more modest cabinet update, working with a knowledgeable designer can help you choose the right cabinet refacing options that reflect your desired style, functionality and future-proof your living space for years to come.

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